Join a WFM Giving Circle and lead the way for women in Mississippi! image

Join a WFM Giving Circle and lead the way for women in Mississippi!

Expand the power of your investment and change the game for Mississippi women. Please see benefits for each level listed below.

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2022 Giving Circle Levels:

* The Giving Circle cycle runs from January 1 to December 31 for each year.

If you would like the option to split your Giving Circle payments, please visit this link WFM DONATE. At that time, you can indicate the amount you would like to pay, choose the monthly option under "donation frequency," and write GIVING CIRCLE in the notes line. Thank you for your support!

If you have questions, please reach out! Our email address is or call the office at 601.326.3001.

2022 Giving Circle Members
  • Hailey Allin
  • Sara Anderson
  • Janice Brockley
  • Susanne Carver
  • Frances Croft
  • Deirdre Danahar
  • Inglish DeVoss
  • Tracy DeVries
  • Ricki Garrett
  • Molly Griffin
  • Velma Johnson
  • Gena Lentz
  • Taylor Martin
  • Jean Medley
  • Katie Morrison
  • Katy Pacelli
  • Kay Patterson
  • Linda Thompson Robertson
  • Ann Jennings Shackelford
  • Shaw & Associates, LLC
  • Margaret Wodetzki
  • Dorothy Wofford
  • Deborah and Johnny Wray


  • Cathy Boone
  • Lisa W. Davis
  • Therese Hanna
  • Vonda Reeves
  • Carole Richardson
  • Judy Wiener
  • Margaret Oertling Cupples
  • Elta Johnston
  • Kate McNeel
  • Mary Clay Morgan
  • Risa Moriarity
  • Susan Phillips
  • Mary Largent Purvis
  • Carol Taff
  • Kathryn York


  • Anne Forbes
  • Holly Lange